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Check out 4 tips to get used to CPAP

Getting used to CPAP is an individual thing. Some people are able to adapt quickly to therapy, while others need a little more time to feel comfortable.

1. Take your sleep therapy with peace of mind

Remember, the goal is to make your CPAP respiratory therapy a fundamental part of your health care routine.

Therefore, for best results, it is essential to use it every night, that is, your CPAP treatment will only benefit you if it is actually used.

Try wearing your gear for a few short periods during the day while you are awake.

A good tip to start getting used to CPAP is to use it with your mask when reading or watching TV.

2. Make sure your CPAP mask is extremely comfortable

When picking up your CPAP, make sure it's already adjusted to suit your needs, and know that it's often necessary to make some minor adjustments to your mask.

Most failures with CPAP therapy occur when the mask does not fit snugly.

Be aware that an improper mask fit means you may not be able to fall asleep as easily as you should. If you're looking for even more comfort, it's worth investing in a humidifier that can help you purify and improve the air you breathe.

3. Maintain good sleep hygiene

Improving your sleep hygiene is an important step towards making your sleep therapy as successful as possible.

Before starting CPAP therapy, make sure you are doing your best to maintain good sleep hygiene.

What does that mean?

It means making sure your lifestyle and sleep habits are helping you to sleep well on a regular basis, such as avoiding cell phone use before bed or watching television.

4. Be patient with yourself

It takes some time for most people to feel comfortable using CPAP and a mask every night.

Be patient with yourself and understand that using the device will help you in many aspects of your life, such as improving your sleep, mood during the day and even productivity at work.

Trying out the tips for using CPAP will help you to be successful in your sleep therapy.

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